we are apollo.

apollo is a music app that allows users to sync devices and connect with their friends to create a simultaneous listening experience. By linking to users’ Spotify accounts, one can choose to be the DJ, controlling song selection for a group, or to join an already existing party.

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The apollo team

the cool peeps who brought you this fun app!

Kevin Thwaits

Full Stack Developer

Alyssa Snider

Creative Director

Lizzie Chambers

Visual Director

Dominic Dixon

Front End Developer

Raymond Boland

Project Manager & Producer

Shelby Moss

Brand Strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions our users have!

How exactly does apollo work?

apollo allows a user to either be the DJ or join a party. If the user chooses to be the DJ, he or she will be given a code that can be shared with his or her friend(s) via text. If the user chooses to join a party, he or she will be asked to enter said code. apollo's server is written in Node.js and the app itself was created using Swift 4.

Can I use apollo with a free Spotify account? I don’t have Spotify premium.

Unfortunately, at the moment apollo can only be used if all listeners have a Spotify premium account.

Why do I have to have Spotify premium?

The user must have a Spotify premium account so that they can listen to all tracks that the DJ selects, without advertisements.

How many people can join the party?

There is no limit on how many people can join. Party on!

Can you change the DJ during the party?

No. In order to switch the DJ, all users would have to leave the party and begin with a new code given to the new DJ.

Can I leave the application and still hear the music?

Yes. You can leave the apollo application itself, as long as you do not quit the application or Spotify. When the application or Spotify is quit, the music will stop playing.